Ražanac is a small town on the coast of northern Dalmatia about 20 kilometres from the city of Zadar. It has a beautiful view of a powerful mountain massif of Velebit, diverse Mediterranean vegetation, aromatic sea air, clear sea, beautiful beaches and a great number of little bays perfect for nature lovers.

All its characteristics are influenced by bura, a northern wind streaming off Velebit which is distending away any attempt of the rain clouds to accumulate. Razanac offers you the taste of the Mediterranean of the past without crowds of industrial tourism.

The town has a post-office, a medical clinic, a chemist’s, restaurants and shops.

A clear and transparent sea enchants every visitor of Razanac.

Climate – flora – fauna

The climate of Razanac is specific due to the mixture of clear mountain and sea air good for respiratory system. In winter the temperature is not lower than 0°C, whereas in summer it can reach 30°C. The sea temperature in summer is around 26°C.

One of the characteristics of this area is a strong north-eastern wind called bura that can in winter turn into a hurricane making any sailing through the canal impossible. When this happens, the canal is transformed into a boiling cauldron steamed with sea dust carried by the wind all the way to Zadar. Sea salt carried by the wind destroys all vegetation on the southern part of the canal turning it to a limestone area without any soil called by the local people "moon landscape"..

On the western part of the land, in a span of one kilometre from Razanac to the bridge of Paski most, there is a plain defoliated by the salt without any tall plants. It is the area of short grass on scarce places, immortelles, bitterns and blackberries.

The Velebit sub-channel is from ancient times known for its fish abundance. There are numerous molluscs like cuttlefish, squid, Noah’s ark, octopus, and fish like grey mullet, barbell, tooth fish, gold fish, shrimps, crabs, etc.

The town has a gravely beach, and numerous untouched bays will create a Robinson-Crusoe-like feeling in every visitor. If you like diving, in our clear sea there are no sharks, and the beauty of the sea bottom will present you the unforgettable sight.