Nature park Velebit

Nature park Velebit is the most significant endemic area of both flora and fauna in Croatia. Among endemic and rare flora species are flowers Degenia velebitica, Arabis croatia, Edraianthus graminofolius var. croaticus, etc., and among endemic fauna species are the fish Aulopyge hugely, the bat Myotis capaccinii and the wolf Canis lupus. The park is also abundant in karst phenomena.

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Nature park Vransko jezero

Nature park Vransko jezero (Dalmatia) is a park with the biggest lake in Croatia.The lake is in fact a karst valley filled with brackish water and is below sea-level, a rare example of kryptodepresion. The predominating characteristic of the park is its special Ornithological reserve of untouched natural habitats for waterbirds, rare swamp ecosystem, great biodiversity and tremendous scientific and ecological value. The park is also abundant in fish used in sport fishing.

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Nature park Telascica

Nature park Telascica has three basic phenomena: the unique bay of Telašćica as one of the safest, the most beautiful and the largest havens on the Adriatic, the cliffs of the island of Dugi otok or so-called "Stene", rising up to 200 m above the sea level and falling down vertically up to 90 m below the sea level, and finally the salt lake called "Mir" with its curative characteristics. Flora and fauna of the land and the underwater consist of hundreds of species.

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